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7.7.20 Board Meeting 6pm

Home of the Vikings

Mission Statement

Moriah Central School District proclaims its mission to be the provision of a safe, supportive, and academically challenging environment for all students in our community.  We are dedicated to the goals of educational excellence, preparation for college and careers, and the development of a high level of citizenship.

Beginning in September, the school will be open Monday-Friday for walkers from 4:00-6:30pm. Walkers are asked to sign in the custodial office where there will be a coat rack for jackets.  Please note that when school is not in session, the school will not be open for walkers.

Budget Vote Results:

Proposed Spending $17,284,701        Board Members: 3 Year Term

Yes: 714                                                  Amy Gaddor    399

No:  201                                                   Tim Garrison   387

Proposed Bus Purchase

Yes: 648                                            Thank you to the voters for supporting the  

No: 265                                                        Moriah Central School District!

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